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The Think & Grow Rich Challenge!

3-Day Challenge with a MASSIVE Audience and HUGE Commission Potential!

Join Us For The First Ever

‘Think & Grow Rich Challenge’!

…and Score Massive Residuals, Plus the Chance to Mastermind at Napoleon Hill’s Home in Wise Virginia!

What’s up affiliates!

Russell here and I want to invite you to join us to promote what I believe is going to be one of the GREATEST challenges we’ve ever done

…because it’s based on the single greatest self-development book ever written, with over 100MM copies sold worldwide… Think & Grow Rich!

Here’s what’s awesome – this front-end offer
converts for ALL AUDIENCES!!!

This offer works because EVERYONE… no matter their age or background… wants to improve their life circumstances, build MORE wealth, and have MORE freedom!

So, regardless of the product or service you offer… whether it’s in coaching, health, finance, agency, health & fitness…

…the ‘Think & Grow Rich Challenge’ is a front-end offer that should convert very well for your audiences – giving you easy-peasy, chunky commissions!

Here’s What Makes This Challenge So Awesome For You!

Phase 1: April 22nd – Start Promoting The Challenge!​

On April 22nd you can start promoting the 3-day FREE ‘Think & Grow Rich Challenge’ to your audiences!

It’s a 100% free challenge, so you should get a ton of sign-ups… but what makes it even better is on the ‘Thank You’ page…

Our ‘Thank You’ page acts as an upsell where customers can upgrade to VIP and receive a free copy of ‘Think & Grow Rich’ along with 2 other unpublished books from Napoleon Hill.

Plus, they will also get a 30 day FREE trial to the “Secrets Of Success” membership site! After 30 days, they'll be billed $97 a month for as long as they want to stay a member, and you'll make almost $40 PER MONTH PER MEMBER!!!

That’s our whole goal… get as MANY people to register for the free challenge so they can sign up for the “Secrets of Success” membership site and YOU collect the residuals!

And our ‘Secrets of Success’ membership is thriving! So, it’s safe to say you could be looking at long-lasting residuals. ;)

Phase 2: May 8th - 10th: LIVE CHALLENGE BEGINS!

For the next 3 days, I’ll be hosting the ‘Think & Grow Rich Challenge’ LIVE! I’ll be teaching the core principles from ‘Think & Grow Rich’ and how to apply them to life and business with real results.

But it’s not going to just be me teaching…

I’ve also invited some amazing guest speakers to come and teach as well… including Napoleon Hill!

I’ve obtained old archive footage of Napoleon Hill teaching and breaking down his methods from his book!!! Attendees will get the opportunity to see Napoleon Hill and hear him teach his transformative secrets. How cool is that?!?

On day two of the challenge, we’ll be offering a high-ticket course… which means another chance for you to score more commissions!

(And I’ll be the one pitching it, too… and I’ve had some practice ;)

Phase 3: May 14th: Cart Closes

After the challenge is over, the irresistible high-ticket training course will be available until May 14th at 11:59 PM PDT.

This is usually when MOST of the sales happen, as that deadline draws closer and closer… (thankfully we got some high-converting countdown email swipes for you to use ;)

Here’s What Affiliates Can Earn!

Secrets of Success - Monthly Membership

Membership $97 month


Secrets of Success - Yearly Membership

Annual Membership $997 year


Think & Grow Rich -  for Creators

One Time $697



$398.80 commission


Grand Prize!

Mastermind In Wise, Virginia, Home of Napoleon Hill!​

This is probably the nerdiest, coolest, most AMAZING grand prize in the history of affiliate grand prizes… ;)

The top ten affiliates and myself are going to fly out to Wise, Virginia, home of Napoleon Hill, where we have scheduled an exclusive, closed-doors mastermind!!

You’ll also have the chance to visit the Napoleon Hill foundation and see the archives filled with self-development artifacts and never-before-published manuscripts.

You’ll also get the chance to see exactly where Napoleon Hill sat as he penned the book that single-handedly paved the way for MILLIONS of people worldwide to think… and grow rich.

What To Do Next?

Step #1:
Sign Up Today

Fill in your details to sign up to become an affiliate. You'll then be able to use your unique link to send people to the ‘Think & Grow Rich Challenge’ from Monday, April 22nd!

Step #2:
If You Have Questions

If you have questions, or need anything related to the launch, connect with Justin Benton to answer any questions AND to make sure you have everything you need to build up this new residual income stream in your business!!!​

Justin's Contact Info:
(208) 268-8283 

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